Download Definition Translation Tools Freeware

WordForge translation tools  v.1.0

Tools to aid in software localization (format conversion, quality tests, etc.). Pootle is a web based translation and translation management tool. Supported formats: PO, properties,, Mozilla, XLIFF, TMX, TBX, CSV, .ts

XML EDA  v.1.0

XML based parsers and translation tools for electronic design automation (EDA). Tools for manipulating netlist formats (e.g. SPICE, Spectre, CDL), languages (e.g. Verilog-AMS, VHDL-AMS, ASM), and other useful text-based formats (e.g. Liberty, Gerber).

GNU Gettext for Delphi  v.1.0

GNU GetText translation tools for Borland Delphi, Borland C++ Builder and Borland Kylix

Screen OCR SDK  v.9.1

Screen OCR SDK is a programmers' library that allows capturing text from Windows screen, under the control of another program. Use it to capture text from any application that doesn't provide communication API's in order to feed your program with

Create Mobile Dictionary  v.1.0

Create Mobile Dictionary is an open source, easy-to-use dictionary for Windows Mobile devices. It supports many languages, and can be extended very easily, by downloading free language packs, both for defining and translating words.

Drupal for linux  v.7.12

Drupal is a content management/discussion/community engine suitable to set up a portal site.

Everygain Translator for linux  v.1.0.4

everygain Translator's main advantage,.

Translation Memory QA Tools (TMQAT)  v.1.0

TMQAT is a collection of useful tools that mainly check a translation memory against a set of given rules or glossary for translation errors to reduce workload of proof reading/review. Supported Translation Memory formats include EXP, TXT, TMX, etc.


Drivers and Tools for the AJA High Definition Serial Digital Card

Apertium: machine translation toolbox  v.0.3.0

Apertium is a toolbox to build open-source shallow-transfer machine translation systems, especially suitable for related language pairs: it includes the engine, maintenance tools, and open linguistic data for several language

Translation Formats  v.1.0

Translation data format standards, related tools and information that are useful to

Translator's Tools  v.1.02

Translator's Tools is an extension designed to help translators perform a range of tasks useful in a translation process: online dictionary lookup, email or ftp backup, time management. It is largely based on Writer's

ACIP Tools and Content  v.1.0

ACIP Tools and Content is a project for writing tools and systems for the freely available Asian Classics Input Project material at This includes filtering programs, translation programs, version handling, indexing, and othe

Simple translation system  v.1.0

Project provides tools and library to handle translation of resources of Visual C++ projects. For now this project supports only MFC projects, but in the future other project types and platforms should be supported.

Twister Website Translation Translator  v.1.0

Twister Website Translation Translator gives you the ability to surf the internet in over 180 language combinations. Languages include Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, English, Italian, French and Portuguese.

Cattle Livestock Tools  v.1

Cattle Livestock Tools assists you in finding cattle livestock auctions at

DAEMON Tools Lite  v.4.30.1

DDAEMON Tools is an advanced application for Microsoft Windows which provides one of the best optical media emulation in the industry. DAEMON Tools enables you to use your CD/DVD images as if they were already burned to CD/DVD.

Quick PDF Tools  v.

Quick PDF Tools(TM) (also known as QuickPDF Tools or Quick-PDF Tools) is a mighty box of free PDF tools - a powerful Windows utility to modify PDF properties & layout. Merge PDF. Add/remove security, convert images to PDF & remove bookmarks from P

Auto Tools  v.1.0

Use this tool to find auto tools with eas. searches all major seach enginea with 1 click. Get fast result from yahoo, google , and msn. to find some of the best deal

Automotive repair tools  v.3.0

this software will help you find'>Automotive Repair Tools fast. By searching a three major search enines with 1 click. This software is free to

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